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Criminal law is the body of law that relates to crime. It represents conduct perceived as threatening, harmful, or otherwise endangering to the property, health, safety, & moral welfare of people. Criminal law includes the punishment & rehabilitation of people who violate such laws.

Criminal law is the body of law that defines criminal offenses. It sets the penalties & modes of treatment applicable to convicted offenders.

This law makes it possible to resolve conflicts between quarreling citizens. It provides a peaceful, orderly way to handle grievances. Criminal law protects citizens from criminals, who would inflict physical harm on others or take their worldly goods.

Criminal Law services include:

  • All Felony charges
  • All Misdemeanors
  • All Summary Charges
  • Drug Cases
  • Cyber Crime & Sexual Assaults
  • ARD & Summary Expungements
  • Theft, Robbery & Burglary Offenses
  • License Suspensions & Restorations
  • Driving with a Suspended License

  • Criminal Law services cont ...

  • Traffic & Non-Traffic Citations
  • Underage Drinking
  • Pardons
  • Computer Offenses
  • Guns & Weapons Offenses
  • Probation Violations - Gagnon I & II Hearings
  • Parole Violations
  • Protection From Abuse (PFA)
  • PLCB Violations
  • Expungements

  • Special Characteristics of Criminal Law:

    Criminal law, rather than civil law, applies when a wrong harms society, as opposed to only individuals. Classic crimes, such as murder, certainly affect the rights of the individual victim. So why are they crimes rather than private lawsuits for personal injuries (torts)? Because they injure the state's ability to keep the peace. (They are also torts in that the victim may go to the civil justice system and sue for redress.) The state will have statutes that make committing murder a crime, that specify the penalty for the crime, and that establish the proof that must be offered to establish the crime. Perhaps the most consistent difference between civil and criminal law is the certainty of proof necessary to find a defendant guilty.

    Crimes, violations of the state or federal criminal laws, must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Torts & other civil wrongs must be proved by a preponderance of the evidence. "Preponderance" is taken to mean a majority, 51 percent, or other equivalent measures that imply that the defendant more likely than not committed the act. "Beyond a reasonable doubt" is a more difficult standard to define. It defies statistical definition because of the problem of defining reasonable.

    The standard of proof is higher in criminal cases for three reasons:

    • 1.)
      The state is a party and may bring unlimited resources to bear on the prosecution of the case
    • 2.)
      A person's liberty, rather than just money, is at issue
    • 3.)
      An injured individual may seek redress through a civil action even if the accused is not prosecuted for a crime

    Pennsylvania Criminal Laws defined on the "FindLaw" Website

    Most crimes are charged and prosecuted at the state level. While the types of conduct considered criminal are relatively constant throughout the U.S., each state is unique and Pennsylvania is no exception. For instance, Pennsylvania continues to allow the death penalty by lethal injection for certain crimes such as murder. Other laws affect criminal sentencing and procedures. If you have been charged with a crime in Pennsylvania or are just curious, FindLaw's Pennsylvania Criminal Laws section covers everything from drug possession and wire fraud to sexual assault and murder.
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